Xiaomi CyberDog is a Robot Dog with an Nvidia Brain, Intel Eyes and Loads of Sensors


The Xiaomi CyberDog is here — and no, it’s not your everyday cyborg pet with potential for ominous doomsdays. To be more objective, it is Xiaomi’s take on Boston Dynamics’ robot dog. The open sourced robotics project has been announced the company’s first open source community, marking Xiaomi’s entry in an entirely different segment altogether. However, the project isn’t too surprising, since Xiaomi has long held ambitions to establish an ecosystem of smart things. Now, taking a route already adopted by Samsung, the Xiaomi CyberDog brings a robot dog to the fold that can serve various purposes.

Powering the quadruped robot dog is the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX AI edge computing platform, paired with custom designed servo motors that generate up to 32Nm torque and 220rpm rotation abilities. This manoeuverability, Xiaomi claims, will allow the CyberDog to execute complex motions and postures, including back flips and moving speed of up to 11kmph. On the CyberDog body are 11 high precision sensors, alongside specific touch sensors, embedded cameras for sight, the Intel RealSense D450 depth gauging system, ultrasonic sensors for room mapping and geolocation processors as well.

Xiaomi advertises custom programmable computer vision implementation with CyberDog, as well as integration with custom voice commands as well. Powering the robot’s vision are primary AI interactive cameras to read the environment, and ultra-wide fisheye cameras with binocular vision for general vision — which enable object tracking and route mapping. This vision can also recognise faces to offer owners custom experiences with the robot, and also has human gesture recognition to react to specific hand and face movements. Voice recognition is also a part of it, so you can assign a cute nickname for it as its wake or call word. It’s not particularly cute in looks, though, so whether it evokes such emotion in you or not is a separate debate altogether.

The Xiaomi CyberDog also comes with three USB-C and one HDMI port, which can allow users to snap on additional cameras, LiDAR sensors and more such stuff — or maybe even two additional displays to have your own, cyber version of Fluffy from Harry Potter. Xiaomi claims that its robotics platform is scalable, and to have users prove that and build on it, the company is selling 1,000 of these little tykes at CNY 9,999, or about Rs 1.15 lakh. If that’s the kind of stuff that you want to build for yourself to prepare for a dystopian future, we suggest you get crackin’ right away.