Usain Bolt is interested in a 70-meter race against Tyreek Hill, with fairly high stakes


Usain Bolt and Tyreek Hill have spent plenty of time talking about racing each other, far more time than the race would actually take.

While a head-to-head sprint remains highly unlikely, Dan Patrick tried to broker a deal on Thursday morning. Hill knows he’d lose to Bolt in a 100-meter dash; Hill thinks he would win a 40-yard race. Dan suggested a compromise of 70 yards.

And here are the proposed stakes: Bolt would put one of his gold medals on the line, and Hill would wager his Super Bowl ring. (Since Bolt has eight gold medals, Hill may not like that idea.)

Target date? A week after the Super Bowl (if the Chiefs are in the game) or Super Bowl weekend (if they aren’t).

“I don’t think he’s gonna go for it,” Bolt said. “He’s been talking so, we’ll see.”

Bolt said he’s in. Let’s see what Hills says.