Mobile phone ‘explodes’ in terrified man’s hand and sparks house fire


A man has told of the terrifying moment his mobile phone blew up in his hand before setting fire to his home.

Andrew Granger, from Glasgow, bought the Samsung Galaxy A02 at the International Phone Centre shop in the city, having originally gone to get the screen of his old mobile replaced.

But three-weeks after getting the phone, Andrew suddenly felt it burning his hand as he returned home from being out.

The 35-year-old says he dropped the phone to the ground as it made a loud bang and the battery exploded, with flames sparking from the device.

In a panic Andrew managed to get the phone to his front window and quickly grabbed water in a bid to extinguish the blaze, but it soon spread to his curtains.

The cyber security worked felt “terrified” as he was forced to call the fire service on a neighbour’s phone.

He told the Record: “I was coming in my front door and it just went bang, like an explosion.

“It was a very terrifying experience.

“It was in my hand and I luckily dropped it right to the floor. Everything seemed fine then the next second it exploded.

“You can see the mark on my carpet where I dropped it. It was absolutely petrifying, the dog was freaking out and all of my smoke alarms were going off.

“When I took it over to the window the curtains caught fire, which is probably my fault. I had to call the fire brigade out to extinguish it.

“The phone is a complete riot. It’s absolutely destroyed.”

Andrew claims to have bought the phone from the shop on Duke Street for £100 just three weeks ago on July 30 and said he returned it to them on Tuesday August 10 to complain.

He alleges that the shop worker claimed the phone had water damage.

Andrew added: “I took it back to them and the guy said the phone had water damage – I said I had to put the fire out.

“I was completely appalled, I’ve never seen customer service like it in my life.”

When the Daily Record contacted the International Phone Centre they denied this incident had happened and said no one had complained about a phone exploding.