Burger map of Britain shows how each region likes theirs as Top 20 faux pas revealed


Brits have revealed the biggest faux pas when it comes to eating a burger, including using slices of bread instead of a bun, using cutlery – and having no cheese.

A study of 2,000 adults delved into burger etiquette and discovered the best – and worst – ways to enjoy the barbeque favourite.

Putting crisps inside, eating the bread and meat separately – and dipping it in sauce -were also among the ‘wrong’ ways to eat a burger.

And more than half believe a burger should always be eaten by hand, despite 13 per cent admitting they use cutlery.

The study, commissioned by Baker Street, also found marmite, mint sauce and pesto are among the condiments which should never be added to a burger.

And 72 per cent believe only bread should be used to create a burger, with giant mushrooms, lettuce, and wraps all considered ‘no-nos’.

A quarter also said a burger should always contain only a beef patty.

Chris McLaughlin, commercial director at Baker Street, said: “Everyone loves a burger, especially when at a barbeque, but clearly there are a lot of ways it can be done wrong.

“People have their preference of bread, meat and additional fillings and the options really are endless.

“There seems to be a lot of controversy around how to eat one – with or without cutlery – but one thing is for sure people love their burger sandwiched between a proper bun.

“In fact, four of the top seven criticisms of the right way to eat a burger are centred on the bread – which proves to us that a great burger starts with a great bun.”

The study also found of the 87 per cent who eat their burgers by hand, 56 per cent said doing so is part of the experience of having a burger and 29 per cent believe it tastes nicer when eaten that way.

A further 22 per cent even enjoy the mess it makes.

But those who use cutlery worry the fillings will fall out and their mouth isn’t big enough to bite into it.

A third even dissect a burger before eating it, by removing the top piece of bread and eating the meat separately.

When it comes to barbeques, 49 per cent would opt for a burger over a hotdog, while only 15 per cent would choose a sausage.

And the ‘perfect’ burger according to those polled, via OnePoll, should include one type of cheese, two condiments, two patties and one additional filling.

It seems people prefer traditional flavours as beef, cheddar cheese and ketchup all make up the ideal burger.

This combination sees the average adult enjoy two burgers a month – amounting to more than 1,500 in their lifetime.

If hosting a barbeque, 50 per cent of people will serve up beef burgers, while 20 per cent offer veggie patties and 18 per cent cater for vegans.

Chris added: “What’s clear from this research is that the classic burger bun is here to stay.

“At Baker Street we believe buns should be built for burgers and it looks like most of the country agree with us.

“We’ve compiled a burger map of Britain online, so you can see if you’re in good company in the way you choose to enjoy your barbecues this summer.

“That said, whether you’re using a knife and fork, smothering on 20 sauces or opting for a burger sandwich, Baker Street is always there – however you eat yours.”


  1. Using slices of bread rather than a bun
  2. Putting crisps in a burger
  3. Eating the bun and meat separately
  4. Buttering the burger bun
  5. Using anything but a bread bun as the bun e.g. lettuce leaves
  6. Dipping the whole burger in sauce rather than putting sauce inside
  7. Bun-less burgers
  8. Eating a burger with cutlery
  9. Putting chips in a burger
  10. Gherkins in a burger
  11. Deconstructing a burger with your hands
  12. Having no sauce on a burger
  13. Mixing sauces e.g. ketchup and mayo inside the burger
  14. Having more than one type of meat in a bun
  15. No cheese in the burger
  16. Cutting the burger in half before eating it by hand
  17. Not toasting the burger bun
  18. Cooking a burger until it’s ‘well done’
  19. Salad on the side and not in the burger
  20. Salad being at the top of the burger